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How can you blossom in drought?

Updated: May 11, 2023

As a believer, it is important to know the program and principles God has in place to bless you. God always wants his children to blossom irrespective of the situations surrounding them.

In one of the scenes, in the journey of the children of Israel, in the wilderness. God wanted to prove to them that those who trust him will always blossom no matter the condition. At this time, the children of Israel had gone into nagging and complaining, challenging the leadership of Aaron and Moses. (Numbers 17). God had just proved to them (through some drastic punishments), that he was in full support of the leadership of Aaron and Moses. But he also went further, to let the children of Israel know, that his believers will always blossom. Let’s see what we can learn from this episode. And if you have been looking to blossom, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have a Rod?: The first instruction God gave Moses, was to ask for each tribe of Israel to present their rods. A rod has to be presented. The rod from the Levite’s tribe represented that of Aaron. Do you have a rod? A talent, a gift, a skill, a business, anything your hands find to do (no matter how small). When God met Moses first in the wilderness, He started with the rod in his hands. Moses’s ministry started with the rod. What is in thine hands? What your hands find to do, will surely prosper.

2. Do you have God by your side?: God said in verse 5 of Numbers 17; “And it shall be that the rod of the man whom I choose will blossom“. God chooses who blossoms. And if God has chosen you, no man can lessen you. It does not matter who complains or questions your position. It was obvious only the rod of Aaron was on God’s side. Others were there to contest the position of Aaron. The scariest place to be is where God isn’t – no matter how successful, and the safest place to be is where God is – no matter how fearful.

The scariest place to be is where God isn’t – no matter how successful, and the safest place to be is where God is – no matter how fearful.

3. Did you obey God’s instructions?: God gave Moses a unique instruction about what to do with the rods. He told him to keep the rods in the tabernacle of testimony (Witness). Moses didn’t ask God why? Can he not just make whatsoever blossom at that time? Why does he have to place it in the tabernacle til the next morning? Obeying Simple Instructions from God can bring Supernatural Incidences into your life.

4. Do you have patience?: Moses had to wait till the next morning to see the Aaron’s rod blossom. Can you wait? Do you have the grace to wait? You don’t have to be in a hurry with God. “For ye have need of patience, after you have done the will of God…ye might receive the promise” Hebrews 10:36. The waiting period is a very difficult time, especially if you are in your NIGHT, and expecting the MORNING to come. But the ability to wait is a great virtue when dealing with God and his promises. Always remember, that it is always darkest before it gets dawn. Your morning will surely come, just be patient.

5. Do you have an expectation?: Moses did not go back to the tabernacle of testimony, without an expectation. He knew God was going to do exactly he has said he will do. Moses went there with the assurance that the supernatural has taken place. What is your expectation? God can make something out of nothing. In the morning, the rod of Aaron (out of the other 11 rods) blossomed, budded and brought almonds, without a root, water, light or any human involvement. God can also make you blossom without soil, water or light. You do not need soil because God is the Source of your life. You don’t need water, because you are like tree planted by the rivers of water. You don’t need light, because the Lord is your light and salvation You can blossom no matter where you are. God will give you a testimony. AMEN!

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